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A1. Sundanese Blonde

… begins like the main theme of a fairy tale and tells the story of the loss of innocence. Here we are, the golden age jumped ten years ahead and the 90’s are glowing in the rear window.

A2. Girls

… is the wonderful little moment when Theo Parrish disco filter meets an indie pop vibration melted in the sun.

B1. Ocean

Echoes from both Crydamoure and Soundstream, we’re telling you, oceanic feeling is for real, and yes, we just can’t help giving you our own version of Spring and Summer hits.

B2. Girls (Ricardo Tobar remix)

Ricardo Tobar from Chile is the perfect ambassador of this small place in the geography of music where experimental techno and pop sensuality go perfectly well together It begins like Four Tet and then the bass comes like a sudden depressurization. "Sudden depressurization": just try to repeat these two words 10 times, and you will understand the craziness of this song.

Exclusive digital track

Ocean (Teengirl Fantasy)
Teengirl Fantasy is "a synth group". Their method to compose their songs is one of the most beautiful enigmas of these last months. There’s a beautiful and respectable vision of cruising in this meeting between Denmark and California.

Michael Mayer – Ocean number 1 in May Chart

Kenton Slash Demon – « Engrossing hooks repeating beautifully. We play and listen to the whole EP!!! BIGUP!!!! »

James Holden – « Thanks, these are great, i’d love it if you kept me up to date with stuff in the future too. »

Trentemøller – « Fantastic and beautiful music!!! It’s way cool! RESPECT »

Brodinski – « Super cool! The vibe is really ace, and new, really super interesting. Teengirl Fantasy remix is also ACE! Congrats ! »

Dirty Soundsystem – « Very very cool this EP… where does it come from ? A good link between theo parrish & toro y moi. Very beautiful cover art as well ! »

Tsugi – « Un premier maxi remarquable à ne pas oublier dans sa valise cet été"

XL8R – « If Taragana Pyjarama’s EP and everything else we’ve heard from the pair is any indication of things to come, you can count us as ’highly anticipating’ what comes next »

Fader – « Taragana Pyjarama live set is Eriksen at his full environmental potential, a soundtrack for getting stuck overnight in a planetarium checking out the constellations by yourself »

Pitchfork – « Ocean is sublime »

Release date
Mar 28, 2011